Pixar Movies Checklist Quiz

There are 23 Pixar movies!

    Check off all the movies you’ve seen:

    _Toy Story_

    _A Bug’s Life_

    _Toy Story 2_

    Monsters, Inc.

    _Finding Nemo_

    _The Incredibles_





    _Toy Story 3_

    _Cars 2_


    _Monsters University_

    _Inside Out_

    _Good Dinosaur_

    _Finding Dory_

    _Cars 3_


    _Incredibles 2_

    _Toy Story 4_



    Bonus: _Lava_

    You # out of #
    I # out of #


    That was a nice attempt, but who are you kidding? You’re no Pixar fan. You love Disney, but you’re missing out on some Pixar classics.

    Well done

    You’re a Pixar pro! You’ve seen all 23 Pixar movies or close to it. From the very first _Toy Story_ to _Soul,_ you’re a true fan of animation.

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